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 "Alaine", the creator of Foodish, thinks she is the luckiest person in the world.

Foodish began in 2013 after Alaine finished her chef apprenticeship and turned her sights on following her dream of creating a cooking school in Canberra.

This was the beginning of no less than her third career. In her 20s she worked as a journalist in radio and TV and then went on to further study—a PhD no less—and a big career as an academic teaching in politics and international studies. She embraced the opportunities of a redundancy and went to chef school to pursue her love of cooking.

Alaine had been a keen cook since her teens, driving her family crazy with all sorts of schemes to cook gourmet meals, not all of which turned out. In her early 20s she married a Frenchman and went to live in rural France and was captivated by its food culture. Her parents-in-law grew and raised just about everything they ate, from vegetables to ducks, rabbits and snails. Her love for her mother-in-law grew in abundance as they cooked together in abundance. It taught her the joy of cooking with others and cooking with love.

Setting up Foodish was a no brainer.  A passion for cooking; a passion for cooking with others; a love of teaching—what else could she do?

  Foodish brings Alaine's joy of cooking and teaching to the Canberra community.




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