The Secret Supper Club

Foodish is launching Canberra's first Secret Supper Club!

Just about everything is secret about this club. The members, the locations of the suppers, who will be attending. Suppers can pop up anywhere in the Canberra area, indoors and out, and all sorts of fun and interesting people can and will be invited.

When you join the club you get to nominate who in Canberra you would most like to share a table with (assuming we're eating on tables). Some of these people might even be there.

If you like mystery, meeting new and interesting people, and making and sharing great food (yes, sometimes you might have to pitch in!), then join the club.

How it works

All you need to do is register here and wait for an invitation. We will advertise the date of each dinner on this website and on our facebook page, and invitations will go out a week before the dinner. Two hours before each dinner, those who have accepted the invitation will be texted a meeting point and some clues about the theme. We'll put together dining groups that work for a great evening.

The cost of each dinner is $80 per person, due on acceptance.

So, join in. You never know where the next supper will pop up!