Kids' Birthday Parties

At Foodish we love cooking with kids. At our kids’ birthday parties everyone is involved in cooking a fun and healthy birthday meal. We organise parties for any age group, cooking a wide variety of age-appropriate menus. The kids not only cook and eat, but they also play fun food games and the younger ones get to run around in the mushroom playground. We have menus and activities for ages 4 to 16.

Fresh pasta is always popular, and so is pizza and sushi. Finish it off with heaps of fresh fruit dipped in a chocolate fountain, crazy fruit skewers, or a banoffee pie, and the kids will love their party meal. What’s more, the party is catered for, and all you need do is watch the action. Parents and adult guests can eat too.

The basic package of cooking and sitting down to eat as a birthday party is $45 per child (minimum 10 children). Adults eat for $10. This price excludes drinks (you can bring your own).

If you would like a fruit punch for the children to drink during cooking and the party, the price is an extra $4 per child. 

We also have an ice-cream option, where the kids are given a choice of Foodish hand-made ice-creams at the party. The price of this option is an extra $5 per child. 

 Class duration 1 1/2 - 1 3/4 hrs 

'A big thank you to Jenny and Cass for running the birthday party on Sunday. They really made cooking fun! The facility and set up you have is fabulous. All of the girls had a wonderful time and the birthday girl especially really enjoyed learning to make pasta and shortcrust.' Jo