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Autumn & Winter 18 ( 1 Event )

When the temperature dips, don't you just crave that soul food? Those hearty dishes that fill the kitchen with wonderful aromas and warm the body and soul.

Learn how to cook what we love best when it's cold--big Asian soups, Italian ragus, Moroccan tajines, South-east Asian curries, indoor Asian BBQ, and cheesy food from the French Alps.

Huddle around a hibachi, frolick with fondue, and be tantalised with tajine! Foodish brings you the wealth of cold-weather cooking and techniques from around the world.

The classes are on Monday evenings, 6.30-8.30 pm in the Foodish Cooking School at the Belconnen Fresh Food Markets. The cost for each class is $99. This includes dinner and wine.

Class schedule:

Big Asian Soups—30 April *BOOKED OUT*

Winter Thai: Pad Thai & Tom Yum—7 May *BOOKED OUT*

Brittany meets the Alps,  regional french cooking—14 May

Paella & margaritas—21 May *BOOKED OUT*

Indonesian curries—28 May

Moroccan tajines—4 June *BOOKED OUT*

Winter Italiano—18 June*BOOKED OUT*

Winter duck & pinot—25 June

Vegetarian thali feast—2 July *BOOKED OUT*

Korean & Japanese BBQ & sake—23 July *BOOKED OUT*


Cooking with Truffles--Masterclass and truffle lunch ( 4 Events )

This year Foodish is once again a proud member of the Canberra region Truffle Festival.

The Festival provides lots of opportunities to taste truffles. At Foodish we teach you how to cook with them!  

Cooking with Truffles is a hands-on masterclass on how to incorporate truffles in your cooking in a way that showcases their exquisite flavour. Truffles are expensive so learning how to get the most out of them is essential.  

In the class you use the freshest truffle sourced from Blue Frog Truffles in Sutton across three courses.

We begin with a sublime truffle soufflé, followed by a caramelised soy beef fillet with truffled beurre blanc, truffled fondant potatoes and seasonal vegetables, and conclude with truffle ice-cream and a decadent chocolate chestnut roulade.

At the end of your hands-on class you sit down to dine on the three courses you have created accompanied, if you choose, by paired wines, 

Want more truffle in your day?

Foodish has teamed up with Blue Frog Truffles to offer The Full Truffle. A whole day of truffle excitement.

Begin the day with a truffle hunt at Blue Frog Truffles. Follow the truffle dogs as they uncover black gold. Learn about truffle cultivation and sip on some delicious truffle soup. Then head to Foodish for a truffle class and late lunch. You can book your truffle hunt through Blue Frog Truffle. The truffle hunt begins at 10 am sharp at the truffle farm and finishes at 12 noon. The cooking class in the Foodish Cooking School begins at 12.30 pm, with lunch served by 2.30pm. The drive from Blue Frog Truffles to the Foodish Kitchen is under 30 minutes, so all very doable!

The cost of the Cooking with Truffles Masterclass is $140 including paired wines or $125 without wine. The Masterclasses are on the following Sundays. Click here to book.

Sunday 24 June 2018, 12.30 pm

Sunday 1 July 2018, 12.30 pm

Sunday 8 July 2018, 12.30 pm

Sunday 15 July 2018, 12.30 pm

Sunday 22 July 2018, 12.30 pm

Sunday 29 July 2018, 12.30 pm

Sunday 5 August 2018, 12.30 pm


Frankie's Big Fat Fermenting Workshop ( 0 Event )

She's back!

Foodish is very excited to have chef Frankie Bodel back again for another inspiring hands-on workshop on fermenting for beginners.

Learn about the amazing health benefits of fermenting and simple fermenting techniques. 

During the workshop you will make milk kefir and kefir labna, kimchi, sauerkraut, and kombucha. You'll also get to sample some sweet potato fly and beetroot kvass.

Leave Foodish laden with jars of fermenting produce and everything you need to make your own milk kefir at home.

Frankie is an award-winning chef who gets very excited when anyone mentions fermenting. Don't miss her fun and informative workshop.

Saturday 7 July, 2-4.30 pm at the Foodish Cooking School, Belconnen Markets. Cost $110

Flavours of Bali ( 1 Event )

For two years chef Frankie Bodel has travelled to the Bali Food Festival to indulge her passion for Indonesian food and learn from masters the art of Indonesian cuisine.
In Flavours of Bali Frankie shares the wealth of her knowledge, teaching you how to make sumptuous Balinese dishes and accompaniments including many of the following:
Sate lembat ayam (chicken satay);
bumbu kacang (peanut sauce);
Spiced fish in banana leaves (pepesan Ikan);
Nasi Goreng (Indonesian fried rice)
Bregedal jagung (corn fritters);
Sambal matar (fresh sambal);
Sambal goreng (fried sambal); and
Klepon (glutinous rice flour with palm sugar).
Be inspired and enjoy your Balinese feast with Frankie, classmates and wine.
Saturday 21 July, 10-1 pm. $110

Kids Winter Holiday Camp ( 1 Event )

Drop your kids at Foodish these holidays for a creative and fun day of cooking, food craft and games!

Our day-long holiday programs are on Wednesday 11 July and Thursday 19 July, 9am-4.30pm. 

During each day the children:

  • visit the retailers at the Belconnen Fresh Food Markets to buy key ingredients for their lunch
  • cook and eat a healthy and delicious lunch
  • play fun food games and, if age appropriate, play in the mushroom playground
  • create wonderful food craft to take home

The classes are run by experienced educators and are well supervised. Foodish provides morning tea and the children make their own afternoon tea.  

Cost: $140 per day





Survival Cooking Series ( 4 Events )

You might think that survival cooking is for arctic adventurers. Maybe so, but this version is something that we can all very much relate to. Its about how we possibly fit cooking into our everyday busy lives.

We know that cooking at home is the healthy option, but how to do it with hungry mouths and creative energies spent at the end of a busy day?

Survival cooking! Whether you are single, venturing out on your own for the first time, an empty nester or cooking for a family, this is your series!

Over four weeks you will learn how to cook simple, healthy and EXCITING food that can be scaled up or down to fit your own circumstances.

How about spiced lamb pies, garlic pepper-beef stir fry, chicken and chorizo paella, Thai poached chicken, sage and ricotta french toast, pancetta, spinach and ricotta bake?

Just a taste of the three dishes you will be making in each class. That's how quick these delicious meals can be!  

Learn cooking techniques and how to organise your kitchen to make cooking a breeze.

The classes are Wednesday evenings 25 July and 1, 8 & 15 August, 6-8 pm.

$99 per class including antipasto on arrival, dinner and wine.

Putting the sublime into simple. That's what you will do in survival cooking! 



Pastry Perfection ( 4 Events )

In this three-part workshop you will learn valuable pastry skills, from making short and flaky doughs to piping, rolling and baking.

Make shortcrusts, choux and puff pastry from scratch. Marry these with classic pastry fillings such as creme patissiere and frangipane to make your take-home pastry creations.

This is a repeat of our highly successful Pastry Workshop series. If you missed out on this (we were booked out!) or just want to perfect your pastry skills, this is for you!

Monday 13, 20 & 27 August, 6-9 pm.  $99 a class. $270 the series.