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Kids Cooking Program--Wednesdays after school ( 0 Event )

Over the six week program children learn essential cooking and kitchen safety skills while preparing delicious meals and having lots of fun.

The techniques that the children learn become more complex as the program progresses. It culminates in an end-of-term celebration 'feast' made by the children and shared with invited family.

Every week the students make healthy and age-appropriate dishes that they take home at the end of the class. They work in small groups to make friends and develop teamwork skills.

Above all else they have a great time in a well-supervised, safe, and encouraging environment. The classes are suitable for ages 7-12.

Week 1—Inside-outside pizza from scratch

Week 2—Savoury crepes and fruit salad parfaits

Week 3—Butterflied roast chicken, citrus carrots, smashed roasted potatos; Berry meringue

Week 4—Savoury shortcrust tarts; apple snow

Week 5—Freshly made fettuccini with tomato sugo; poached pears  with chocolate sauce

Week 6—The feast!

The cost of the program is $250. For guests attending The Feast! and additional $10 per person will be payable on the day.

Wednesdays, 3.45-5.15 pm, starting on 10 May and finishing on 14 June.

Classes are held in the Foodish Cooking School at the Belconnen Fresh Food Markets.


Hand-made bread making with David Damour, Master Baker at Bean & Grain ( 0 Event )

We are very excited to have David Damour, Master Baker at Bean & Grain, lead three workshops on how to make beautiful bread at home.

This is the fourth year that David is running his special workshop on bread making with Foodish, and home bakers all over town have already reaped the benefit of David's extensive expertise, developed in France and Australia, and his wonderful teaching. 

The classes are held over three sucessive Tuesday evenings in May, starting at 6.30 pm on 2 May.

You will learn about bread-making ingredients, starters, kneading and proving, and shaping and baking different types of bread.

If you've tried David's bread, you know he is the best baker in town. The judges at the Canberra Show certainly think so.

The cost is $210 per person. This includes antipasto and wine.  

A warning before you start: clear your freezers! You'll need lots of space for all the delicious bread you will be bringing home.

Autumn & Winter Classes 2017 ( 6 Events )

When the temperature dips, don't you just crave that soul food? Those hearty dishes that fill the kitchen with wonderful aromas and warm the body and soul.

Learn how to cook what we love best when it's cold--big soups, ragus, curries, casseroles, and puddings. Have fun with fondue, snuggle around the hibachi, and barbecue Korean-style in your kitchen.  This series brings you the wealth of cold-weather cooking and techniques from around the world.

The classes are on Monday evenings, 6.30-8.30 pm in the Foodish Cooking School at the Belconnen Fresh Food Markets. The cost for each class is $95

We make sure you don't go hungry! Classes include antipasto on arrival, dinner and wine.

Kids Cooking Italian ( 0 Event )

In our Italian themed holiday cooking class the children will:

  • go on a tour of the Belconnen Fresh Food Markets to source key ingredients
  • have morning tea
  • cook and eat a delicious and healthy lunch that they can then cook at home (with varying levels of supervision)
  • have lots of fun

On the menu is pink pasta with green sauce and nutella pizza with strawberries.

When: 10-12.30, Thursday 20 April.

Where: Belconnen Fresh Food Markets

Cost: $60

Feet Under Those Macarons! ( 0 Event )

A return of our popular macaron class led by Master macaron maker David L. Conquer the tricky morsels and have fun making these sublime treats!

Wednesday 26 April, 6.30-9 pm. The cost is $95, which includes antipasto, wine and lots of take-home macarons.

Under Pressure Cooking Series ( 4 Events )

Under pressure? Want slow food fast? 

No problem. Use a pressure cooker!

Pressure cooking is fabulous for speeding up cooking, and retaining and deepening flavour. While it is great for moist slow-cooked dishes, such as stews, curries, and tajines—speeding up the cooking time and reducing the overall time by around two-thirds—it is also great for dry-cooking vegetables, puddings and moist cakes.

Experience the full gamut of cooking styles and techniques in this three-part cooking series.

During the class you will cook a two-course family meal in your pressure cooker and take it home to feed the family with. A cooking class and family meal in one!

The classes are on Thursday 15, 22 & 29 June, 6.30-8.30 pm in the Foodish Kitchen at the Belconnen Fresh Food Markets.

The cost of individual classes is $95. This includes dinner and wine and a take-home meal. The series is $250.


Master Pastry Workshop ( 1 Event )

Pastry making is such a versatile art! With the essential principles of pastry work under your belt, you can tackle the full range of pastry options, from shortcrust, to puff, to choux, to Danish.

Accompanying each of these types of pastry are classic fillings, such as frangipane or crème patissière. Top your frangipane with fresh fruit, and you have one of the most delicious tarts you could possibly imagine. Or, you might just want your pastry plain. Imaging being able to make your own croissants!

You will learn to do all this and more in this three-part workshop. In each class you will be making a selection of tarts and pastries that you will then take home to share. We'll also make sure that you make something very delicious to eat in the class.

The cost of the workshop series is $230 for the three classes. You can take the classes individually, but we recommend you do all three, as each class will build on knowledge and techniques taught in the previous class. The cost of individual classes is $90.

The classes take place on Wednesday 19 & 26 July and 2 August, 6.30-8.30 pm.