Master Pastry Workshop

 Pastry making is such a versatile art! With the essential principles of pastry work under your belt, you can tackle the full range of pastry options, from shortcrust, to puff, to choux, to danish.

Accompanying each of these types of pastry are classic fillings, such as frangipane or crème patissière. Top your frangipane with fresh fruit, and you have one of the most delicious tarts you could possibly imagine. Or, you might just want your pastry plain. Imaging being able to make your own croissants!

You will learn to do all this and more in this three-part workshop. In each class you will be making a selection of tarts and pastries that you will then take home to share. We'll also make sure that you make something very delicious to eat in the class.

The cost of the workshop series is $270 for the three classes. You can take the classes individually, but we recommend you do all three, as each class will build on knowledge and techniques taught in the previous class. The cost of individual classes is $95.

The classes take place on Tuesday 14, 21 & 28 November, 6.30-9 pm.

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