Traditional Chinese Banquet series

Learn traditional Chinese cooking from Chinese-Australian master chef David L.

This is a unique opportunity in Canberra to learn from someone with a unique expertise in Chinese cookery. As a child, David worked in his family's Chinese restaurant in Dickson, and went on to excell as a chef in his own right, winning many awards, and working in a range of modern European fine-dining establishments. David is passionate about the cuisine of his heritage, and very keen to impart his knowledge, skills and love of traditional Chinese cooking to others.

The series comprises three classes that you can take either individually ($95 per class), or as a series ($240). In each class David will teach different elements of Chinese cookery. You will make a series of iconic Chinese dishes using different cooking techniques. 

We begin in the first class with dumplings accompanied by the traditional Chinese rice congee and a steamed celery salad. In the second class David will teach you how to make wonton soup, accompanied by spring onion pancakes. In the final class you learn the art of Chinese stir fry with stir-fried beef and capsicums and Gong Bao diced chicken, accompanied by steamed tofu and bok choy chilli sauce and Chinese fried rice.

Put all these dishes and courses together and you have a magnificent traditional Chinese banquet.

The classes are 6.30-8.30 pm on Monday 7, 14 & 21 August. Classes are $95, which includes dinner and wine.

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