Spring & Summer 17

After a long winter the weather warms and we crave freshness and liveliness in our food. It's time to embrace the bounty of the spring and summer seasons in our cooking, and that's our quest in these Monday Masterclasses.

We're cooking colourful tapas, festive Mexican, summer Thai, spring Italian, Provincial French, and fresh and healthy Vietnamese. 

And then there is Christmas! How about mastering a Xmas seafood paella, christmas duck, and our tasteful take on turducken with some elegant turducken rolls. We've got baking classes too. Learn how to make savoury and dessert roulades (a great option for Christmas lunch!), and master DIY chocolate truffles.

A veritable bounty of flavours and new-found skills in these Monday Masterclasses!

The classes are Mondays 6.30-8.30 pm in the Foodish Cooking School at the Belconnen Fresh Food Markets.

The cost is $95 each, which includes antipasto on arrival, wine or other themed drinks, and generous take aways.

4 September--Colourful Tapas and Sangria

11 September--Festive Mexican and Margueritas

18 September--Summer Thai

9 October--Spring Italian

16 October--Fresh & Healthy Vietnamese

23 October--Provincial French

6 November--Dessert Roulades and Bubbles

13 November--Xmas Seafood Paella and Sangria

4 December--Christmas Duck and Pinot

11 December--DIY Chocolate Truffles

18 December--Tasteful Turducken


Christmas Duck

Event date:
04-12-2017 6:30 pm
Event End Date:
04-12-2017 8:30 pm
Individual Price:


Christmas Chocolate Truffles

Event date:
11-12-2017 6:50 pm
Event End Date:
11-12-2017 8:50 pm
Individual Price:

Stuart from Enigma Fine Chocolates leads a hands-on class in truffle making.

Gain confidence working with chocolate, be creative in making lots of different types of truffles, and impress family and friends with the bounty you take home!

Xmas 'Turducken' rolls

Event date:
18-12-2017 6:30 pm
Event End Date:
18-12-2017 8:30 pm
Individual Price:

The idea of a whole turducken can be a little off-putting, but who's to say that offering a variety of different festive meats at Christmas isn't a good idea!

In this class we use these meats to make a variety of rolls, combining them and marrying them with ideal stuffings. Sort Christmas lunch in this class!