Autumn & Winter 18

When the temperature dips, don't you just crave that soul food? Those hearty dishes that fill the kitchen with wonderful aromas and warm the body and soul.

Learn how to cook what we love best when it's cold--big Asian soups, Italian ragus, Moroccan tajines, South-east Asian curries, indoor Asian BBQ, and cheesy food from the French Alps.

Huddle around a hibachi, frolick with fondue, and be tantalised with tajine! Foodish brings you the wealth of cold-weather cooking and techniques from around the world.

The classes are on Monday evenings, 6.30-8.30 pm in the Foodish Cooking School at the Belconnen Fresh Food Markets. The cost for each class is $99. This includes dinner and wine.

Class schedule:

Big Asian Soups—30 April *BOOKED OUT*

Winter Thai: Pad Thai & Tom Yum—7 May *BOOKED OUT*

Brittany meets the Alps,  regional french cooking—14 May

Paella & margaritas—21 May *BOOKED OUT*

Indonesian curries—28 May

Moroccan tajines—4 June *BOOKED OUT*

Winter Italiano—18 June*BOOKED OUT*

Winter duck & pinot—25 June

Vegetarian thali feast—2 July *BOOKED OUT*

Korean & Japanese BBQ & sake—23 July *BOOKED OUT*



Korean & Japanese BBQ & Sake

Event date:
23-07-2018 6:30 pm
Event End Date:
23-07-2018 8:30 pm
Individual Price:

Grieving the passing of the barbecue season? Don't. Barbecue inside!

There is nothing more convivial than cooking your meal around the Korean barbecue or over coals in the Japanese hibachi. In this class we do both, making classic Korean and Japanese barbecue dishes, and serving these up with traditional dipping sauces and sides.  Sake as well!

We are no longer accepting registration for this event