Foodish is thrilled to welcome Emiko Davies for a special evening of pasta making that showcases traditional pastas from the north and the south of Italy. 

Emiko will teach you how to make and shape agnolotti, a staple of northern Italian kitchens where left over roasted meats become the agnolotti filling and the pan juices the sauce.

 In the south of Italy the pastas are less rich and the sauces more often vegetable based. You will learn how to make and shape orecchiette, and your orecchiette will scoop up a delicious yet simple broccoli, garlic and anchovy sauce.

Emiko is a food writer and photographer who lives with her family in Florence and has written several books on Italian cooking, the latest being Tortellini at Midnight

 This is a very special opportunity to imbue the rich culinary traditions of Italy and to learn quite technical skills in pasta making from a pasta master. An opportunity not to be missed. 

Thursday 22 August, 6.30-9 pm. $120

 Put some pizazz into your weekends by cooking exciting dishes with excitable foodies!

Cook up a storm, learn new techniques, meet great people, and enjoy the Foodish vibe.

Fish Fashion with chef Dave Keeley, Saturday 31 August, 2-5 pm, including a tour of the Market fishmongers, and an inspiring seafood meal with wine.

Ravioli, ricotta & limoncello, Sunday 1 September, 2-5 pm. Cost $110, including dinner and dessert, chianti & limoncello tastings 

Sweet Dreams: An afternoon of realising those baking dreams! Sunday 22 September, 2-5 pm. Cost $110, including nibbles on arrival and bubbles.

Japan-easy, Sunday 10 November, 2-5 pm, $110, including dinner and sake tasting.

Bowl Food—Poke and Buddha, Saturday 16 November, 2-5 pm, $110 including dinner and wine.

A Cocktail Party! Sunday 24 November, 2-5 pm. $110, including class, canapes and mixology.

Mexican Tamales & Mole, Saturday 30 November, 2-5 pm. $110, including dinner and sangria.

Pastry making is such a versatile art! With the essential principles of pastry work under your belt, you can tackle the full range of pastry options, from shortcrust, to puff, to choux, to danish.

Accompanying each of these types of pastry are classic fillings, such as frangipane or crème patissière. Top your frangipane with fresh fruit, and you have one of the most delicious tarts you could possibly imagine. Or, you might just want your pastry plain. Imaging being able to make your own croissants!

You will learn to do all this and more in this four-part workshop that runs over four consecutive Tuesday evenings from 3 September through to 24 September.. In each class you will be making a selection of tarts and pastries that you will then take home to share. We'll also make sure that you make something very delicious to eat in the class.

The cost of the workshop series is $350 for the four classes. You can take the classes individually, but we recommend you do all four, as each class will build on knowledge and techniques taught in the previous class. The cost of individual classes is $99

Time for big, hearty cooking! Warm the body and soul with fabulous winter fare from around the world.

Big Asian soups, Indonesian curries, Moroccan tajines, Thai comfort food, French, Spanish and Italian classics--lots to learn and enjoy in the winter months.

Cook together, dine together and warm up with a drink or two.

Mondays 6.30-8.30pm, $99 per class (includes dinner and drinks).  

Traditional Chinese Dumplings - 26 August

Under pressure? Want slow food fast? 

No problem. Use a pressure cooker!

Pressure cooking is fabulous for speeding up cooking, and retaining and deepening flavour. While it is great for moist slow-cooked dishes, such as stews, curries, and tajines—speeding up the cooking time and reducing the overall time by around two-thirds—it is also great for dry-cooking vegetables, puddings and moist cakes.

Experience the full gamut of cooking styles and techniques in this three-part cooking series.

The classes are on Tuesday 6, 13 & 27 August, 6.30-8.30 pm.

The cost of individual classes is $99. This includes dinner and wine. The series is $270.

After a long winter the weather warms and we crave freshness and liveliness in our food. It's time to embrace the bounty of the spring and summer seasons in our cooking, and that's our quest in these Monday Masterclasses.  We're cooking colourful tapas, festive Mexican, summer Thai, spring Italian, Provincial French, fresh and healthy Vietnamese. 

And then there is Christmas! How about mastering a Xmas seafood paella, christmas duck, and our tasteful take on turducken with some elegant turducken rolls. We've got baking classes too. Learn how to make savoury and dessert roulades (a great option for Christmas lunch!), and master DIY chocolate truffles.

The classes are Mondays 6.30-8.30 pm in the Foodish Cooking School at the Belconnen Fresh Food Markets.

$99 per class. This includes antipasto on arrival, wine and dinner (for savoury classes). Click on the link to see the classes.

Foodish is running two full-day classes during these spring holidays. 

  • Wednesday 2 October— French, 9.30am-4.30pm
  • Thursday 10 October—Turkish, 9.30am-4.30pm

During the Foodish day the kids will:

  • go on a tour of the Belconnen Fresh Food Markets to source key ingredients
  • set up their own cooking stations at the beginning of cooking and clean up at the end
  • have morning and afternoon tea
  • cook and eat a delicious meal that they can then cook at home (with varying levels of supervision)
  • play games about food
  • bake food in the afternoon that they can take home 

The classes are well supervised by experienced educators and take place in the Foodish Kitchen at the Belconnen Fresh Food Markets.

Each class is $140 per child.