Christmas Festive

Foodish does festive well and you will too when you come to one of our Christmas workshops.

Master pannetone and panforte, style your own frozen Xmas cake, craft that gorgeous gingerbread house, and learn how to create a very merry vegan and pescararian feast.

DIY Gingerbread House, Saturday 1 December, 2-5 pm, $110

Frankie's Very Merry Vegan Xmas, Saturday 7 December, 2-5 pm, $110

Pannetone & Panforte, Sunday 8 December, 2-5 pm, $110

Xmas Seafood, Sunday 14 December, 2-5 pm, $110

DIY Frozen Xmas Gateaux, Sunday 15 December, 10-12 noon, $99

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