Cooking Essentials 2020

In each class you will develop your skills in cooking techniques, learn the principles of cooking a variety of styes of food, learn vital information about the produce that you are using, and cook wonderful dishes from around the world and at home.

In the process you will chop, sautée, roast, blanche, whisk, deglaze, knead, and do just about everything else you need to become a confident cook.

The classes include antipasto and drinks on arrival, dinner (the dishes you have cooked), and take-home lesson instructions and recipes. 

Essentials 1—Knife skills and knife maintenance, sofrittos, pan-frying, deglazing, stocks (Tuesday 3 March)

Essentials 2—Portioning and filleting meat and fish, sautéing, braising and grilling (Tuesday 10 March)

Essentials 3—Pastry and batters, deepfrying and baking (Tuesday 17 March)

Essentials 4—Eggs and emulsions, French butter sauces (Tuesday 31 March)

Classes are $109.

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