Masterclasses with Holly Davis

Foodish is proud to bring Holly Davis to Canberra in early June to run two classes. ‘Just Add Flour and Water’ Sourdough class and ‘Winter Warming Wholefoods’.  

In ‘Just Add Flour and Water’ participants learn how to make gorgeous sourdough breads as well as strategies for incorporating sourdough-making into their daily lives. They take home their own dough and Holly’s special starter, as well as Holly Davis’s signature inspiration to begin their sourdough adventures.  

Winter Warming Wholefoods is about incorporating wholefoods and ferments into your diet using techniques that ensure you get the most flavour and warming effect out of winter produce while maintaining nutrition and digestive health.

Holly Davis is a chef, teacher and writer. She is one of the early pioneers of the wholefood movement in Australia and has been a life-long fermenter, beginning as a teenager in the family home where the linen cupboard came to house her ferments, cheeses and brews.

She has a passion for the freshest, most locally grown, biodynamic and organic produce. She is vitally concerned with the health benefits of eating nutritious and probiotic-rich foods.

'Just Add Flour and Water' Sourdough class—Saturday 1 June, 2-5.30pm, $180

Winter Warming Wholefoods class—Sunday 2 June, 11am-2.30pm, $150 

Holly Davis cooks and shares spectacular warming meals in this class. Her emphasis is on healthy, nutritious wholefoods, optimising seasonal flavours, and promoting digestive health through the use of probiotic-rich ferments.

Holly's tantalising Winter Warming menu includes:

Toasted baked brown rice with shiitake mushroom gravy, sautéed mustard leaves and shiitake celery pickles

Maple and thyme duck fat roasted parsnips

Braised shoulder of lamb with fennel, orange and pink peppercorns and Simply Pink Kraut

Warm rye berry and pinto bean salad with winter vegetables, herby mustard dressing with soaked seeds, and turmeric and pepper kraut.

Almond Baked grannies filled with citrus cashew and amazake cream

While cooking and sharing these dishes with you, Holly will impart her knowledge, acquired over 40 years, of ways to cook and eat for health and vitality.

Prepare to be inspired! 

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Event End Date 02-06-2019 2:30 pm
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Individual Price $150.00
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Do you want your home to be filled with the smell of freshly baked sourdough but you don't know how to fit bread baking it into your busy life? Just add flour and water!

Holly Davis teaches you how to make beautiful sourdough breads at home. You will learn how to care for your sourdough starter, prove, shape and finally bake your loaves. 

You take home Holly's vintage sourdough starter, the dough you make in class, new-found techniques, and answers to all the sourdough questions that have kept you up at night!


Event Date 01-06-2019 2:00 pm
Event End Date 01-06-2019 5:30 pm
Registration Start Date 18-04-2019
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Cut off date 31-05-2019 11:00 pm
Individual Price $180.00